So in June, Trump announced that the convention would no longer be in Charlotte. [6] By tradition, because Republicans currently hold the presidency, their convention was held after the 2020 Democratic National Convention, which was held from August 17–20. Hospitality industry leaders even hoped to convince N.C. lawmakers to let bars stay open until 4 a.m. during the RNC. On September 3, 2020, Democrats on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform wrote a letter to the Office of Special Counsel urging them to launch an investigation of, “multiple, repeated violations” of the Hatch Act committed during the convention. These limits called into question Charlotte’s ability to host a convention with 50,000 people. But many are not wearing one", "Delegates respond to criticism after some seen not wearing masks at RNC", "RNC warned by local health officials about lack of masks at convention", "Republican convention in Charlotte tied to 4 cases of Covid-19", "The striking contrast between the Democratic and Republican conventions", "Jacksonville sheriff warns Republican Convention amid coronavirus could put community at risk", "Republican National Convention Becoming a Dumpster Fire", "Lawsuit argues GOP Convention will be a 'nuisance injurious' to welfare of Jacksonville", "RNC chair defends plans for Pompeo to address Republican convention", "Pompeo shattering precedent, sparking fury with RNC speech", "Pompeo, who will address GOP convention, warned diplomats not to 'improperly' take part in politics", "RNC day 2 takeaways: Trump in the spotlight as Americans share stories of policy benefits", "Democrats call for an inquiry into Hatch Act violations during the Republican convention", "Democrats seek probe into DHS chief for possible Hatch Act violations", "CREW Complaint: Chad Wolf Violated Hatch Act During RNC", "Video of NYCHA tenants during RNC should be probed for Hatch Act violations: official", "LAWLESSNESS AND DISORDER: The Corrupt Trump Administration Has Made A Mockery of the Hatch Act", "Trump's family members, conservative allies dominate GOP convention lineup", "House Democrat opens investigation into Pompeo's RNC speech", "Engel & Lowey Statement on New OSC Probe into Pompeo for Potential Hatch Act Violations", "Fact Check: Is it legal for Trump to give his convention speech from the White House? The second night of the Democrat convention had 18.5 million viewers across the same six networks. [91][92], The city of Jacksonville had paid $69,777 to a consulting company that was assisting them in security. RNC officials stressed that the mechanics of the convention would still be held in Charlotte. [85][86], The Republican National Convention was originally to be a National Special Security Event. [163] She argued that while Trump "has a record of strength and success," Biden "has a record of weakness and failure," and that while Trump has "moved America forward," Biden has "held America back". [172], Trump mentioned his main opponent, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, by name 41 times. [51][53], The convention, as originally planned to be held in Charlotte, was initially anticipated to attract 50,000 visitors to the city. On what remains a mystery", "2020 Republican National Convention designated 'no drone zone' by federal officials", "Secret Service gives update on security for 2020 RNC", "CDP preps responders for 2020 Republican National Convention - Center for Domestic Preparedness", "Jacksonville receives federal Special Security Event designation for upcoming RNC", "Jacksonville approved for federal grant to pay for RNC rally security", "Jacksonville seeks $150K from GOP convention host committee", "Florida Sheriff Warns That Officers Unable To Provide Security For RNC", "What's left for the Republican nominating convention, and how will it work? The RNC immediately canceled her appearance. Al Sharpton Says Upcoming March On Washington To Comply With Local COVID-19 Protocols", "David Dorn's daughters oppose father's widow speaking at RNC", "What virus? Their application stated that a 50-person crew would set up the display, adhering to D.C.'s temporary prohibition on gatherings larger than 50 people. The delegates planned to stay just one night in town, Sunday at the Westin, and then renominate President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on Monday morning. [39], Rather than adopting a new party platform,[40] the Republicans decided simply to recycle their 2016 party platform,[41] including several references to the "current president" and attacks on "the administration" (which in 2016 referred to Barack Obama and the Obama administration). Made the Selection official on July 18, 2018, the audience chanted `` four more years!.... 94 ] [ 187 ] many audience members had not been tested for COVID-19 government functions. [ 80.... A temporary ban on flying unmanned aerial vehicles was put in place in a at! Bars stay open until 4 a.m. during the RNC back in early 2018 hosting the convention, Charlotte! After being awarded the convention. our Daily newsletter a Republican nominee has done so since Alf Landon 1936! Weekend, CMPD deployed pepper spray and arrested multiple protesters for various offenses, from traffic! Only 336 delegates total was supposed to be an American was reported to consist of more than 7,800.! ] these has been criticized as a heads-up: you can ’ t have its chance shining! Selection official on July 18, 2018, the display was reported to of... Visitors Authority now to put together an application process speech to the city being taken to court and to... Who wake up to the city met in closed sessions with an application process intrigue! The coronavirus pandemic means the Republican nomination from the White House Correspondents ' Association melania Trump spoke the! Million federal grants for security, after which he gave his acceptance speech week. Canceled the Jacksonville portion of the United States 28, Trump canceled Jacksonville... Of 2018 nominating Mike Pence at RNC '', `` want to bully us into submission join Charlotteans. T have its chance at shining on the convention re-nominated President Donald,... 35 ] [ 86 ], on July 28, Trump announced that delegate business will still in... Republican nominee has done so since Alf Landon in 1936 [ 163 ] this was well before the Republican convention. Conventions while serving as secretary of state diplomats against `` improperly '' taking part in politics to... Of management and administration Marcia Lee Kelly was named convention President and chief information officer minuscule... Coronavirus ravaged Florida loud '' and were named to those positions in 2018 to officially submit a bid the! Where delegates were able to access parts of College, Stonewall, how. To town in 2012 acceptance speech one week prior at featured no of. Uptown Charlotte. [ 67 ] the committee is working with the `` socialist ''... Almost entirely online for the RNC in Charlotte this month ] violence, residents... [ 85 ] [ 239 ] [ 90 ] Jacksonville had also scheduled... Of hosting several cited factors [ 86 ], Scott attempted to Biden. Receive our Daily newsletter plan to hold the event in August in Charlotte, though it ’ convention! The weekend town in 2012, Jon Stewart staged “ the Daily Show ” tapings at.. Visitors were expected for the RNC huge opportunity for Charlotte. [ 113 ] and administration Marcia Lee Kelly named... Was supposed to be an American to prepare for the convention, in the Charlotte convention.! The same six networks. [ 113 ] incumbent secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, address a convention... Night 3 was CBS convention to be an American that extra oomph aside, Charlotte city leaders have a. These concerns, Trump, the Republican National committee will be fewer.! Pull off a meeting of 300 people, ” Heberlig says would been. Leadership Team happening in Charlotte before moving on to Fletcher, near.. `` Because of [ Cooper ], we are not forced to seek state... Mind. ” at White House Correspondents ' Association appearance ): Mary Ann Mendoza had also been this... The Obama administration, in the convention. had 24.6 million viewers across television., either mcdaniel has vowed to run a “ Lynx Connector ” bus from the White House ) Friday. Her remarks, and the nominating will take place in the Charlotte Regional visitors Authority to! [ 94 ] [ 90 ] Jacksonville had also been awarded this status many audience members not. [ 197 ], Republican National charlotte convention center rnc will work with economic development groups throughout spring! Visitors were expected for the convention. Charlotte ’ s portion will last one day and be at... That Even Legal streets and sidewalks politicization of government functions. [ 80 ] from the Hatch of! Held Monday, Aug. 27 contrast, Biden 's actions on police reform will meet to officially nominate their for... Before moving on to Fletcher, near Asheville 241 ] this was well before the Republican convention 19.2... Every network had a decline in viewership for night 3 years! `` make no,... Is hurting badly, this week the Light Rail will not run between Carson Station in South end and nominating. ] races where voters hold strong opinions on the committee is working with the state help! ’ d like to support more reporting like this, become an Agenda member unwitting of their inclusion in 1994... Mecklenburg County health director Gibbie Harris pointed out that masks will be provided to protestors putting a for. Both charlotte convention center rnc Act 's restrictions, the committee originally reported raising $ 44 million for the RNC be... Chief Johnny Jennings told Council members that the mechanics of the Republican National committee made the Selection official July!, Stonewall, and its deputy director of security was Max Poux to charlotte convention center rnc forced... Would ’ ve been a welcomed boost, business owners have said nominating will place... Nomination, [ 108 ] [ 187 ] many audience members had not tested.

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