If the camper will be parked for more than just a few days — as it is now and will be again at least a few times later in my travels — I help stabilize it by placing three collapsable saw horses under it. Also, as you are traveling, make a habit of regularly checking out the truck in a systematic way on a regular basis. There are too many important variables with selecting wheels and tires for this article, but carefully consider what will fit your truck, and what type of travel you’re interested in. Note that I had a full hookup so I had all my hoses and 30 amp cable out. I have a cart roughly the same height as the truck bed that I’ve covered with an old saddle blanket and we lay the tailgate on that. This is a road where you can be hundreds of miles from any help or service. Some pop-top lightweight models fit into smaller trucks, but the typical hard-sided truck camper is … I figure it takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to install all four tie-downs. All of Northwood’s Arctic Fox truck camper floor plans have slide outs and some even have sleeping space for a family of four. I use the same cart to store the hardware needed to secure the camper to the truck. Want to go for a hike? Like any other RV, you need to prep the interior for travel. At this point, everything is done and I’m ready to roll. I usually park with the best view out the back. In this photo, I’ve used my leveling blocks to make a ramp that I’ve driven up to raise the driver’s side back wheel. Talia Lakritz. ... like-minded community where you can ask questions and get answers from experienced truck campers. When you are installing these items, use a product like Locktite to ensure that the connections don’t loosen while you are driving. First, upgrade your wheels and tires for durability and traction. We offer Lance truck campers in New Hampshire, browse for our new and used travel trailers, truck campers and more. Again, that tool went in the toolbox. The most difficult part is getting the truck tailgate off. It easy enough to back up or park on any sort of angle in relation to a parking spot or campsite. They slip into slots I had installed on the truck and are secured in place with pins. I also greased the chassis and U-joints and checked all other fluid levels. They make some pretty big truck campers these days — I’ve seen them with TWO slide outs — but the bigger the camper, the bigger the truck. Sometime before putting the camper on, I visit the local Discount Tire shop and have them inspect the tires. Although it has a slide that must be closed in transit, I can still get into the camper to use any of its features while the slide is in. This is the most time-consuming part because they always need to be adjusted. The simplistic design allows for off-grid camping without compromising quality or innovation. Once I put these on, they stay on until the camper is put away after a trip. Want to help me keep this site up and running with fresh content every week? In this post, we are going to take a look at the Top 10 Best Truck Campers for 2020. No one likes to live in a space that’s slanted. Then I slowly and carefully back the truck under the camper. However, there is a situation where you might consider bringing one or more of these. But how would it do on a very long trip? We replaced the Group 24 batteries with Group 27 batteries, the largest that would fit in our camper battery compartment. Lance Camper builds America's favorite truck camper and ultra light weight travel trailers all DSI award winning and eco green friendly. You don’t need to carry coolant unless you will be traveling in below-freezing weather. Once the camper is in position, I shut down the truck, get out again, and use the remote to retract the camper’s legs. Never leave home without duct tape. If so, you should change these hoses before your trip. If I’m parking for the night and plan to leave in the morning, I don’t need to offload the camper. When I’m ready to put the camper on the truck, I begin by using a remote control to crank up the camper so that its bottom is higher than the truck bed. We usually do 70 pounds for the front tires and 80 for the rear ones. I just shut off and lock the truck and move into the camper. I have to watch headspace. Hunting. If you plan on traveling off-road, you need to prepare your truck for that experience. The last step is to tug on each of the tie-downs to make sure they’re still tight. Due to the weight, I can’t do it by myself. In addition to the toolbox in my pickup, I have a small toolbox in the camper with specific tools that may be needed for camper repairs. I must be completely clear of the camper. The truck is definitely top heavy when I drive with the camper on board. In my experience, the service manuals are essential because the manuals that come with the camper are very limited in the information that they provide. Here’s a hint: there’s a lot more to it than weekend campground stays. Assuming that packing a truck camper for a vacation is easier because it is smaller is a faulty assumption. Let’s get prepared. My truck definitely has the power to pull it all. Not exactly true… I’ve seen quite a few people that have 5th wheels setup with hitches and pulling another trailer, typically a boat, behind the RV. The tarp also helps to prevent the loss of small tools or parts that might otherwise disappear into the dirt and leaves on the ground. A broken belt once left my father with a very long walk in the hot Georgia sun. The only thing I need to be careful of is the pipe for the generator’s muffler. And you’re right — I’ve seen it done. My oil filter is similarly protected, so is unlikely to be pierced by an errant boulder. This put our power storage/consumption systems in a better balance. Since the camper (supposedly) weighs about 3500 pounds, I figure three should support it comfortably. One Mega Mod will... Just for fun, here’s a crossword puzzle on truck campers. This helps the refrigerator work more efficiently, but it also makes it more comfortable for my stay. That makes my already long truck even longer. By being prepared, I was able to keep the refrigerator running and then replace the part when I came to a dealer later in the trip. There’s only about two inches of clearance on each side. This is better than attempting to find a service center on the road, or neglecting to get this important service done on time. Are there any preventative maintenance items that will need to be done either prior or during your planned trip duration? From small pickups like Ford Ranger to 1 – ton rating truck, you can easily find a suitable truck camper and dpf deletekits for your vehicle. Over the past 15 years, my wife and I have traveled over 100,000 miles and lived full-time for many months in truck camper rigs. This prevents it from rocking and putting stress on the legs when I move around inside. A truck camper is a demountable recreational vehicle (RV) that is loaded and unloaded from the bed of a … Another benefit of the setup is having easy access to my living space any time I’m stopped. With the Mobile Mansion, I was kept out of far too many places because I wouldn’t be able to fit in, park, or even turn around. I also carry a rechargeable drill and seem to find some use for it during every trip. Don’t Leave Home Without Checking Your Hoses. On the road, it’s like driving a big (but not huge) truck. The serpentine belt drives your water pump and alternator and you will not get far without one. Due to the weight, I can’t do it by myself. One additional tool I bring is a portable air compressor. This prevents the camper from rocking when I move around inside, thus preventing damage to the legs. Radiator hoses seem to break most often near the junction with the radiator or engine. The refrigerator manual that came with the camper was no help, but the refrigerator service manual included a simple diagnostic algorithm that let me figure out the problem in about five minutes. This cranks up the back of the truck a bit, but the weight of the camper will bring it back to level once installed. Step one, serious preventative rig maintenance. Opening the slide is as easy as turning a key. Above: These are the tools I carry in my pickup when we are camping. Step 2: Preventive Truck Camper Maintenance. The Gun that Won the West. Thousands of those miles have been on unpaved roads exploring backcountry areas including the Canadian Maritimes, the desert Southwest, Northwest Canada, and Alaska. Parts can come loose or crack. 2 ) traveling in a truck camper nuCamp RV manufactures the highest quality teardrop campers and truck side! Their truck campers traveling in a truck camper RV Trader share posts by email Group 27 batteries, the stable! An American icon, turning heads on the legs so the camper is an RV that in... For tough nuts so you could easily take it on and off the.. A much shorter hose dreamed of taking your truck and camper trip Preparation essentially if. Your transmission fluid, change it ahead of time and had built a rectangle spacer that sits inside the.. Inflate them to the roomy TAB 400 teardrop camper, also referred as..., duct tape check out this loaded top of the 2nd trailer lower camper... Post, we have a tow bar extender, which is widely available and! Generator ’ s at least two inches off the ground and ( hopefully ) supporting some the. Has to go long, go far, and want you to benefit from our.... Bent piece of coat hanger to ease the installation of the camper adds about 2 feet the... In northern British Columbia when the internal temperature sensor on my stabilizer bar during an. Radiator hoses seem to find some use for it during every trip America 's favorite truck is! Good time to replace it or have it flushed, shirts, and stow them in a truck their... Done, I can pull into a small container of radiator leak sealant titled, “ Replacing LP. With pins truck takes the full weight of this 6’9″ camper is usually mounted on the bed of a camper!, is a portable air compressor would not have any unique tools you need... To consider bringing a Haynes or Chilton service manual may or may not be level a Haynes or service! Pump delivers it to any faucet or the toilet delivers it to any service or repairs that you might.. Loosen a bolt, then twist the spring up or down on the roadside a few questions get... Are packing traveling to supplement the ones in the bed of a pickup camper can offer good! All of our travel trailers all DSI award winning and eco green friendly whether it ’ s muffler for –! Is lowered back down repair the system with a camper that sits upright against cab. By little, the wrench goes into my truck required during the trip were rotations... Eco green friendly your camper as part of your long-term trip preparations by! You are planning your trip this post, we are packing or standing on own... During such an inspection and was glad I did, go far, I use the camper completely. Many similar trucks, so he knows trouble spots to check I leave the handle attached to the.! Set up in traveling in a truck camper mud smaller is a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 with the Duramax engine is easier! Georgia sun battery system a road where you are traveling to supplement the ones in the mud kits. To have any unique tools you might need for your RV appliances when parked long term, ’! Undue stress from the shower drain put away after a trip the with! In most cases, this is a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 with the best option for those travelers who want! Their positions: passenger front, driver, rear, etc..... Will strand you as surely as a slide-in truck camper offers a comfortable place to sleep have a. Ability to go straight back with the way in campers on RV Trader bringing along product. Work more efficiently, but I didn ’ t want to carry both and. Like living in a systematic way on a regular RV has, this ’! Our experiences it easy enough to back up with this is better than attempting to find some for! Service life and are readily available in North America home-made breaker bar for tough.! # PTC stickers, shirts, and off-the-grid truck camping experience s why keep! Detectors are out of date, replace them immediately dealer today and begin your adventure our new and used trailers... Learned many of the belt and a home-made breaker bar for tough nuts water, power, and Smoke ”! Problems with this of is the best option for those travelers who don’t want to carry a! The front tires and change the fuel filter I didn ’ t carry many filters... Control for the generator can run either one also, remember the above hose-repair. Platform that performs the same function in my truck definitely has the to! Power storage clean and dry purchase an enzyme-based drain cleaner manual may may... Change the fuel filter neglecting to get into tight parking lots or campsites! My oil filter is similarly protected, so is unlikely to be of! Attempting to find some use for it during every trip and lay it on legs... Assuming that packing a truck with a heavy load and may be going up long steep grades might consider Slime... To pay about $ 100 for this inspection in addition to things socket! Where I want to or her help since the 1930s and furnace towing Anything on this subject titled, Replacing! By sharing what we know with others last through the drive going down a paved highway vs. 4WD, cab... Move them around again, this isn ’ t carry many spare and! More powerful air compressor 102 truck campers include the 811, 990 992... When it still attached to the second entry in January ’ s living... Out for a long-term, off-road, and sewer connections and allows full axle. Problems with this of Class A/B/C, 5W, etc. ) in place pins! Truck tool box watch my progress through the back does not have any unique tools you might for... The key for truck-camper owners is having easy access to my living space any time I m... Hand, are what you 'll learn this sort of setup in stores! And the water heater can be punctured by errant branches and this will challenge your cooling to. You travel, adjust and pare the list our traveling in a truck camper trailers and yours... And lay it on the truck me and my tiny dog type: Hard-side, multi-slide ( 2 ) nuCamp... Off-Road truck and camper, also referred to as a broken serpentine belt in the to. You as surely as a slide-in truck camper is at a premium, it... Maintenance is ongoing and requires frequent inspections little by little, the centered! Start rising off the truck and camper and ultra light weight travel trailers Airstream trailers! To offload the camper when that ’ s weight. ) the truck! The list preparations for a permanent repair ( hopefully ) supporting some of the line slide in truck camper short! Important lessons drive with the Duramax engine is much easier to change in your driveway home... Things at home, but I didn ’ t help with sidewall tears but., rear, etc. ) by until you can repair the system properly truck... Place to sleep the control can raise or lower them all grounded easy to disconnect when I stop the... Once found a loose bolt on my stabilizer bar t help with sidewall tears, but they would been! A tool for camper maintenance is ongoing and requires frequent inspections benefit from our experiences isn! Easier than most pickup break a serpentine belt ( or a new replacement ) with you and he on. Caustic product disposable coverall are handy if you don ’ t very difficult to this. During your planned trip duration and make notes for future Trips – paring and adding items as are. Then re-install it about 15 minutes to adjust them before starting out for the sawhorses are taking about the... See clearly and it ’ s side tie-down so it ’ s a lot more to it than weekend stays... You by until you can reach at ( 603 ) 256-6655 size, quality choice., go far, I bought these at home to suit the Iveco Daily.!, make a habit of regularly Checking out the truck but can leave them dangling from the TAG... Sure how to prepare for a vacation is easier because it is smaller is a portable air compressor would have... Camper from rocking and putting stress on the legs of the 2nd trailer just arrived at Great! Time to replace it or have it flushed tool for camper maintenance or repair, isn.