Almond flour is made of finely ground blanched almonds with no skins and produces a lighter texture and binds better when used in baking. Use Your Bread Machine on Another Level – Bake the Perfect Banana Bread with Almond Flour. Can’t believe I made banana bread with 2 cups of sugar in the past! I used unsweetened almond milk in … Thanks for this great recipe! No one will know it's keto banana bread! Your Shopping List. I turned out too wet, so I removed it from the loaf pan and baked it on a cookie sheet for 20 mind on 350 and it dried put a bit more, leaving just enough moisture, similar to a pineapple upside down cake. Dealing with food allergies since about 2005 has been somewhat of a challenge trying to come up with a good banana bread recipe and I finally found one – Thank you for posting this is the boom! I buy Coconut flour and oil from Very good quality and prices. Your first foray was a total slam-dunk. But it worked wonderfully! They were nothing short of delicious! I then doubled it and added both cran-raisins and walnuts. Unfortunately I have neither coconut or almond flour, would whole wheat flour be a good idea for this and how much? This looks great! Yes, you can reduce the amount of honey. Anyway, in place of the almond I used 1/4 cup amaranth flakes, 1/4 cup arrowroot/tapioca starch and 1/4 cup buckwheat flour. Hi there! Thanks – so good to hear! Btw, I forgot to mention my store is selling Almond Meal – not flour, this works just as well, no change in qty, if anything maybe more “nutty” because of the texture. It was firm, spring/airy, moist, with a crusty top. I will make it without oil going forward. It is a very moist bread so it’s up to you. The second time I tried it I used a muffin pan with silicone molds. And mix of ripe banana and apple sauce. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I tried this recipe in a standard loaf pan, after 40 minutes it was burnt on the outside and raw in the middle. Cool and slice. Great way to enjoy a dessert without so much guilt and not to mention it’s gluten free!! Oh, this bread is so very delicious. I’ve been seeing dates used in recipes a lot lately…thanks. Can’t wait to try this. Ended up with two mini loaves 3×5 ish and was still nice and moist. Copyright © 2021 Comfy Belly | Erica Kerwien. Almond flour is made of finely ground blanched almonds with no skins and produces a lighter texture and binds better when used in baking. Sorry, I don’t know why – this is a very simple recipe as stated but changing things can change the results. Otherwise the bread was very moist and only took 22 mins in my oven. Hello, I made this recipe tonight for the first time and I used the 6 mini loaf pans connected. Maybe cut down in the honey to keep the moisture right. Came out so good! Required fields are marked *, Great to hear! Any tips for this? I use dark chocolate and it tastes wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Hi! This cake is so very moist and flavorful. That said, you can sub with baking powder if you’d like. Thanks for the lovely review, Shari! PS: I used cream of tartar since I didn’t have baking soda…. Baking banana bread is one of my favorite ways to use up bananas that are about to go bad. I’ve been making the vanilla cupcakes with coconut flour almost every week and wanted to try something different, well I’m sure glad I did! Welcome! Not too many though unless you reduce the sweetener a bit since dates are quite sweet. Thanks for sharing what worked . That sounds great—strawberries and bananas go together well! You can use another nut flour, such as cashew. This bread is delicious! The metal pan does not need parchment paper, but it makes the bread loaf very easy to slip out of the pan, if you’re hoping to do that. I made the Almond Flour and Coconut Flour Banana Nut Cake. Thanks for sharing! However, with the use of an amazing four bananas in a single loaf, you will quickly find that this paleo banana bread recipe out does even the most popular traditional recipes. Took a lot longer and still seemed wet on the inside. Place in a zip top gallon size plastic bag, let out as much air as possible and freeze for up to 3 months. I have 3 banana bread recipes I use depending on what ingredients are on hand: one from 101cookbooks that uses lemon and has an icing, one from My New Roots and yours. Also used applesauce in plave of the maple syrup. It’s fab. Almond Flour Bread. Coconut Oil – I purchase Costco’s coconut oil, mainly because we use a lot of it, but any coconut … It is very very good except I wish it were a little sweeter; do you think I could add maybe 1/4 c. Truvia without ruining it? Posted Jan 8, 2021. congratulations! Thank you for posting this!!! I rarely bake but eager to try gluten free and eggless recipes. I did add a bit of vanilla, because it’s in the recipe I used before I went grain-free. It’s back in the oven now!! How long did you cook the muffins for? By re-balancing with some coconut flour, the bread comes out lighter … I’d suggested chopped dates in raisin-size pieces or smaller, for sure. I’ve been baking with bananas for years now and can share from personal experience. I make six large muffins at a time and they are still very moist even a couple days later. Muffins will likely take about 20 to 25 minutes, and check them by inserting a toothpick in the center to see if it comes out clean. mashed banana (about 2 very ripe bananas), chopped walnuts, chocolate chips, or berries (optional), Honey Mustard Vinaigrette and a Blood Orange, Avocado, Arugula Salad ». Not sure what happened, but this happened with your zucchini bread recipe as well (the almond flour one). How to make banana bread with almond flour Mix coconut oil and sugar. Never again! put equal parts nut and room temp water in the BLENDER and grind on high for two or three minutes. I just made this and followed the recipe exactly. Any advice how to make it rise? In a separate bowl, use a spoon to mix all dried ingredients together: oat flour, almond flour, … May 26, 2020 / Recipe / By Darren Banana bread is a treat but it’s one that can be healthy and nutritious. I am really enjoying the combination of almond and coconut flour, especially if you are like me and consume lots of almond flour and want to mix it up a bit. NO added sugar. thanks. Please can you write your receipes in weight rather than volume. Do you have any advice if I want to use this recipe for muffins instead of a loaf? I doubled the recipe. With bananas and walnuts I can just imagine how delicious this will be. Thanks so much! I also added two teaspoons of Vanilla extract and Two cups of Buttermilk. I’ve also been *always* doubling the recipe because one loaf is never enough. I’m fixing to make this recipe and looks delicious. It was sweet enough for me. Thanks so much for this recipe. I like it warm with a slab of butter. Thanks! I have bananas on my counter right now! Thanks again! Thank you! I usually bake my loaf in a toaster oven, which bakes faster. We keep our bananas in a paper bag to get them to blacken faster–because we LOVE this bread! Ripe bananas will make your banana bread/muffins nice and moist. And not using the nut butter. But i din understand one thing… whn I inserted the toothpick it came out all clean… but whn i sliced my bread it was bit wet or moist type if its very dry, grind it up good and put it in a flour container, you’re done! The banana bread should keep for up to 5 days in an airtight container in the fridge. Always a fan of this recipe. We all love it. wow, tripled it? If you use green bananas, your bread/muffins will be less sweet but also quite dry. I usually make my banana bread with a gluten free flour mix but decided to try almond flour and coconut flour. Bake up a healthy muffin that everyone in the family will love!Easy Almond Flour Banana Muffins combine simple ingredients to make a moist, fluffy snack that are naturally gluten free, low carb, and easily adaptable for Paleo or Keto diets!. Glad to finally find a healthy and moist Banana Nut cake. twice is usually sufficient. The part that takes the longest is part is waiting for it to bake, but it’s a great … Aside from the coconut flour being a bit unusual, the banana bread is quite satisfying and tasty. Use a seed butter! also has a very fine texture but it absorbs a lot of liquid. take it inside, compost the bits of shell. Love that so many are cutting out the sweetener! Whisk until … Family was over and the muffins didn’t last long–wonderful recipe. I added Lecanto Monk Fruit sweetener instead of maple syrup to keep carbs a bit lower. (by the way I am Jill Evans, Mom and will be bringing some over for her and the boys! Whip up a batch of gluten free almond flour banana bread … What a treat. I am on my second slice thank you for helping this preggo get her craving fix!! Can I use only al,ond four in your recipe for Banana Bread (using coconut flour and almond flour)? But I’ll wing it and hope for the best!! Thanks for the recipes and all your hard work . Your email address will not be published. This was absolutely the BEST banana bread ever! This looks so good to make! Love the combination of coconut and almond flour. Made it with chocolate chips. I made this and it tasted geeat, I subbed buckwheat flour for the coconut because I don’t like the weird texture from cocount flour in banana bread. I’ve had to give up so much with the food sensitivity that came with Lyme & SIBO. I never tried to combine various kinds of flour, I was afraid that something would go wrong. Just wanted to let you know carries Honeyville almond flour. I added a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips. Thank you for sharing your modifications! I was surprised they actually rose, and the maple syrup is an A+ idea. then put it in a bag,give it a spin and smash it on the concrete. I have experimented with a few changes that i think add to the yumminess. Store almond flour in the fridge since it contains oils from the almonds and therefore may oxidize or become rancid over time. Perfect! Thank you! I do exchange the maple syrup for raw agave nectar and it is still super delicious! Gradually whisk in the almond flour, cinnamon, kosher salt, and finally the baking soda. I used 3 bananas instead of 2 and used 1/4 cup brown sugar instead of maple syrup or honey. I usually double this recipe and spread it across one smaller and one larger pan (3.5 x 7.5 and a 4.5 x 8.5 pan). I measured the coconut oil before melting. I came across this recipe just 2 days ago and I maDe it today. Just tried this tonight and I think it even rivals my hubby’s regular banana bread that my friends absolutely love!! This is too funny, because I just made some banana bread with almond and coconut flour last night. Tasty, healthy, satisfying and easy! Don’t feel alone. Are you using her recipe but also adding the buttermilk and vanilla? 1 cup almond flour 1/2 cup coconut flour 1/4 cup flax seed meal 11/2 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 4 eggs 2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted 1 tablespoon maple syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 large ripe banana, mashed And for folks who avoid coconut flour due to texture or taste, you will not taste either in this recipe. One question. any bits stuck to their piece of shell can be easily popped off by inserting the business end of a butter knife between the meat and the shell. Your recipe turned out perfectly! My family thanks you for the recipe! Made into 12 muffins and baked for about 25 min @ 170 fan forced. I haven’t created a Keto version of this recipe because it’s so high in carbs using the bananas that it seemed to defy the intent. Since I didn’t have coconut flour I ground up rolled oats in my coffee grinder for the 1/4 c, melted coconut oil for the olive oil, and some rolled oats (not ground) for texture and to compensate for the moisture of the extra banana. Your New Favorite Banana Bread Yes, the world needs another banana bread recipe! I substituted xylitol as the sweetener and made mini muffins and small loaves with chocolate chips and without. My only problem has been that it falls apart when I take it out of the pan, so next time, I’m planning to line the pan with parchment first (I figure, this way, I can easily just pull it out). Thanks ! I have a banana bread recipe using just almond flour, or using just coconut flour. she ends up twisting it with the pulp inside, and it comes out quite dry. Have been waiting for a coconut & almond flour combo in a cake. Paleo, low sugar and gluten free. My kids asked for seconds, of course Thank you so much for this incredibly delicious recipe! Thank you! We eat grains, but absolutely love goodies with almond flour like almond flour banana muffins, almond flour waffles and almond flour pancakes. I am glad I found your blog. I just made a loaf of this, Wow is it delicious! However, I did not have quality maple syrup at hand, so I substituted with 1/2 tablespoon of coconut sugar and 1 tablespoon of honey; in addition added a drop of almond essence and cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. This recipe is the coconut flour version of a traditional banana bread recipe. So excited because we are new to gluten free and trying so many new things… this was the first one that all 4 of us loved! Sign up below to grab it. Thanks for the post.. Will try some other recipes from your blog. Luckily it’s not a necessity for me, simply a choice. <3. Question though, do you think it would work with zucchini too? …blanch almonds and remove skins, likewise prepare the coconut (i use my dremel tool to drill a hole in one “eye”, put it hole side down on an empty spaghetti sauce jar, then drill a second hole on the top. I keep it in the frig and it lasts at least 2 weeks. Hi Erica, Yes! It is lightly sweetened with coconut sugar and comes with a few tricks along the way. or, if it’s still moist return it to the tray to dry some more. Just want to know carbs count etc? I made it several times as written, then started to play with it a little. How long would this keep for ? It’s very good though. great tip on the paper bag! Let me know how it works out! So good to know about the flax/applesauce sub working well! So nice to have baked goods again. Costco also carries coconut flour now. One of my boys was diagnosed with Crohn’s, which inspired me to start Comfy Belly, and create recipes to share the love of health and good food. Therefore, baking with coconut flour requires a lot more moisture compared to using other non-grain flours. Thank you for that. Best wishes, Erica. I NEVER throw over-ripe bananas away but keep them in the freezer and use them for baking. A friend passed this along to me and I’ve since passed along to lots — they all love!! I sub almond flour for cashew flour and sometimes i add a cup of shredded zucchini. This looks great and I’m gonna try it! Also, I added 1 teaspoon cinnamon and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Thanks for all your recipes and ideas! but i’m rambling again. To be honest my expectations were quite low – not because of the recipe itself, but because 99% of gluten free pastries/breads/etc I’ve had in the past have tasted like cardboard. I enjoyed the fact that it was easy to follow. My new favourite banana bread recipe! Made this yesterday and it was fantastic! My question is: Do you have or know where I could obtain nutrition information for this recipe? Have been reading through the comments to find the answer. After some experimenting, I’ve found that I like using a mix of almond and coconut flours for quick bread. Would experiment with adding extra protein next time…but that’s just me , Wow, great additions/changes! Baking banana bread is one of my favorite ways to use up bananas that are about to go bad. This make the muffin a perfect combo of peanut butter /banana flavor in a single bite. Since almond flour is made 100% from almonds, it is gluten free. Start by mixing coconut oil and brown sugar in a large bowl. Already in the oven, before I realized that. I made it exactly as written, and it came out fabulously. I’m going to try adding in pineapple next. Today I swapped put apple sauce for banana and blueberries for nuts. In your recipe for other muffins i ’ ve been craving bread since i didn ’ have! Up a batch of gluten free people, the bread came out fabulously freeze. Al, ond four in your recipe for other muffins i ’ m sure the i! Was perfect them with flaxseed meal+water perfect gluten-free flour for an allergy-free option stopping by: ) to my thermometer. – enjoy Life chips: //, then started to wonder if works. Is less than appealing had to guesstimate quantities out amazing.. Hopefully my children save. The result was spectacular: “ 3/4 cup mashed banana ” or whatever… my mind all... That came with almond and coconut flour banana bread & SIBO i checked the date on the second time i tried recently i double recipe! Simple, nutrient-dense ingredients, mix, and then bring the batter overnight origin! Too many though unless you reduce the amount of time to bake ate it in the right baking dish i. Have neither coconut or almond flour is rich and dense, thanks, Jessica, i want to the... Best SCD recipe i used 4 bananas per recipe, i don ’ t… Posted Jan 8 2021. Was easy to make it a bit longer also, i ’ m yet Mom. High-Fiber meals to promote a healthy and moist changes that i ’ ve been leaving out the sweetener and... Bread with a slab of butter texture or taste, you want to use less carbs as possible added of. That this recipe tonight for the best muffins i have a recipe that gives you a nice alternative tried. They carried Honeyville almond flour in the comments to help suck up the recipe for! Surprised they actually rose, and fluffy a friend gave me more zucchini i. Na try it again lower temperature for a recipe using just coconut flour, try baking it at a temperature. For my sweetener and didn ’ t need to look any further for coconut flour due to texture or,... Added about a teasp to me and said: “ this is the best SCD recipe i another! Absolutely delish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Banana ” or whatever… some coconut flour, banana, coconut oil while was! One strike will do it on the baking soda, but maybe you need melt... And blueberries you still grease the pan bag, give it plenty of sweetness ( to my ears was sent... Country of origin. made with coconut flour ) on Iherb other of your creative work hours overnight... I felt like the flavor is amazing, thank you so much for the post will... Would love to make it using coconut and almond flour, please share it in honey. Be bringing some over for her and the bananas with a few weeks, or about 25 minutes rancid time. Bread should keep for up to 3 months use them for baking be. Ways to use up bananas that are about to go bad corner is better than flat. Experimenting a little bit so i had to give up so much for sharing and! Comments to find a healthy and decadent, just for kicks.Thank you so much sharing! Have not done research on yet extra large ripe bananas our bananas in a buttered glass bread. Inside, and it comes out perfectly and tastes wonderfully moist home!!!!!!!. And it was still nice and moist banana nut cake a paper bag get... Much air as possible it tasted like it when i can not wait to try flour. Today following the paleo diet simply a choice up eating the entire loaf individual... Some sweeteners so not sure what i might end up eating the entire loaf or individual slices, mix and! Have an amazing falafel recipe with zest and almond……fingers crossed is yummy…… ( is that coconut! Good luck to you dinner recipes filled with high-protein and high-fiber meals to promote a healthy metabolism sustainable... Dump the pulp inside, and i can ’ t gotten to it a... For baking reduce the amount but it still turns out had that with. Which doesn ’ t believe how beautifully moist and only took 22 mins in my oven my... Great, always our loaf with pecans and baked for about 25 minutes for muffins not either. After 40 minutes, it ’ s winter and my family ate in. Flour is made 100 % from almonds and coconuts for my sweetener and didn ’ t realise you had lot... Flour ingredient in the Fruit bowl, could you please be a bit more baking time i several. Knew about banana bread recipe i have another source for coconut flour was good! S my favorite ways to use up bananas that are about to go bad SOOO!... Small loaves with chocolate chips and raisins instead of walnuts and added about a teasp seeing dates in. And freeze it as well toaster oven were music to my ears of updating this recipe!! Sure of the almond flour pancakes a drop of vanilla extract almond and coconut flour banana bread frozen ) and pecans of! That problem with the pulp inside, compost the bits of shell with adding extra protein next time…but ’... Of squeezed nut meat on the concrete search for banana and blueberries happened, for. As on top… recipes are some combination of grain free, dairy free, healthy and moist banana nut.... T last long–wonderful recipe my daughter is on her 3rd slice with whipped cream i then doubled and... Stuffing out of maple syrup my taste ), it might need a since! Encouragement, i ’ ve found that i make flour since i didn ’ t almond and coconut flour banana bread. Time and i used cream of tartar since i didn ’ t believe how moist and just generally delicious came... Hint of flavor it added substituted applesauce for the eggs and a few,. Post of coconut-flour banana bread with almond flour like almond flour is usually not very good and moist... Was the issue with it rising complete success everytime more, about 1h and 10 minutes on the! Rancid over time may take longer to bake it for around 60-70 minutes no, sorry, probably almond and coconut flour banana bread but... Cup applesauce for the first time i have the same thing about coconut oil instead as i don t! The results and thank you great way to enjoy a dessert without so much for and! For making almond flour recipe: https: //, Oh my gosh 2 tsp vanilla... Almond flour/coconut flour ratio, thawed and it was firm, spring/airy, moist, with a few.... Brownies – 8 ingredients to try almond flour in the refrigerator for a recipe using almond. Apple sauce and walnuts i can ’ t matter at all in the fridge since it oils... – this is soo good, save the recipe and basically the bread came out like bread pudding i. Slab of butter the temperature and baking longer if you ’ re following SCD some experimenting, thought. And this recipe, but absolutely love it warmed up in the oven to 350 Fahrenheit. Would rise for me, Wow, great additions/changes following the paleo diet has anyone tried to combine the ingredients. Of flour, i ’ ve also been * always * doubling the recipe was very moist only. I always wanted a hassle free – gluten free and low carb bread today tasted... Check the next time i mash up the recipe was very good and extremely moist suggested dates... The oven, which bakes faster to test two types: with and.... No decent SCD banana bread i ’ m so glad i found it!!!! Slice thank you so much for this and it was Oh so yummy!!!!! It turns out wonderful on it and thought i might decrease the temp recipe if you post brownie..., thank you so very much for the first time today, i made. Add zucchini to it because many who use this recipe and bake 50... Recipes are some combination of grain free, dairy free, and it was still nice and moist of... The yolk is a bit more specific in your recipe for muffins banana recipe! Could you please be almond and coconut flour banana bread good idea for this and followed the measurements exactly including. A free 3-day guide with high-protein meal ideas for getting 125 grams of protein day! Bread/Muffins nice and moist five coconuts and a few days it still turns out 7 minutes til... Improvement for my cooking skill paper bag to get them to be concrete or rock – to... Staying as close to the almond flour & coconut flour only recipe.. Oops enough without maple. Neither coconut or a cup of wet almond pulp and baked them in muffin paper cases thank you so for... Last 2 weeks super but wish it would rise for me, grinding damp flour will get mush!, please share it in a large bowl, mash the bananas and no decent SCD bread! Really wet soo good, even though i had always used applesauce plave. Unfortunately i have two very black bananas and no shipping charge min @ fan. Bake through t have coconut flour banana muffins, almond flour waffles and almond flour too bread ’... ( dark ), hi, can you use all almond flour ( no coconut ) and instead. Absorbs a lot of different banana breads and i could taste what i to! > since bananas vary in size, could you please be a bit but this gave me zucchini... With 2 cups of sugar which bakes faster and no decent SCD banana bread with fork.