[15], North American river otters live an average of 21 years of age in captivity,[22] but they can reach 25 years of age. Next. The tail, which is stout and larger in surface area than the limbs, is used for stability while swimming and for short bursts of rapid propulsion. Environmental disasters, such as oil spills, may increase levels of blood haptoglobin and interleukin-6 immunoreactive protein, but decrease body mass. When the mothers have established their domains, they give birth to several kits. WATCH: Amazing footage of otter swimming up river in Norwich edp24.co.uk - Jasper King. ); and Ictaluridae, which consists of bullheads and catfish (Ictalurus spp.). Programs are designed to cater to each individual’s unique strengths and allow swimmers to work on improving their skills in the most high-quality manner. Factors t… ), shiners (Notropis and Richardsonius spp. The Otters were so much fun and so playful it definitely was one of my biggest dreams to come true. [25][34][36][49] Otters consume more aquatic insects in the summer as the populations increase and specific life stages heighten their susceptibility. [20] It differs from the European otter by its longer neck, narrower visage, the smaller space between the ears and its shorter tail. [15], The North American river otter is sexually dimorphic. North American river otters also currently inhabit coastal regions throughout the United States and Canada. [1] They are now absent or rare in Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Jean Beaufort … ); Cyprinidae, made up of carp (Cyprinus spp. The otter's ears and nostrils close underwater. ); and perches (Perca spp.). River otters are prey for bobcats, alligators, coyotes, raptors, and other large predators. We aim to provide a high quality, high-performance, and innovative program where athletes can become the best version of themselves in and out of the pool. They will also use the abandoned burrows of other animals including beaver lodges. Email: [email protected] Sarah Downey has been coaching Otters swimmers since the fall of 2006. Liam Smith, captured the majestic creature … Copulation lasts from 16 to 73 minutes and may occur in water or on land. [29] For instance, Catostomidae are the primary dietary component of North American river otters in Colorado's Upper Colorado River Basin. Recently, long-term genetic consequences of reintroduction projects on remnant North American river otter populations has been discussed. ), chubs (Semotilus spp. River otters can eat a fifth of their total body weight each day, whereas sea otters can consume almost a third of theirs within a day. North American river otters are very susceptible to the effects of environmental pollution, which is a likely factor in the continued decline of their numbers. [25][32][33] Game fish, such as trout (Salmonidae) and pike (Esocidae), are not a significant component of their diets. Overview. [15], The mothers raise their young without aid from adult males. Suitable habitat for river otters is any wetland that provides adjacent bank vegetation, burrow sites, and a food supply. - BFDEP2 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. [1], During the 1970s, improvements in natural resource management techniques emerged, along with increased concerns about North American river otter population declines in North America. [29], Amphibians, where regionally accessible, have been found in the North American river otter's diet during the spring and summer months, as indicated in many of the food habit studies. North American river otters are active year-round, and are most active at night and during crepuscular hours. River otters thrive outside of water too, and can sometimes be seen playing in snow or sliding down muddy hills. After an absence of more than a century, its range is … In freshwater systems, groups occur most often in autumn and during early winter. North American river otters also inhabit the forested regions of the Pacific coast in North America. A shorter trachea may improve air exchange and increase lung ventilation in diving mammals.[15]. These analyses suggest they diverged in the Miocene epoch 23.03 to 5.33 million years ago (Mya), which is "much earlier" than indicated in the fossil record. The North American river otters may compete with the American mink (Mustela vison) for resources. [28] This availability is influenced by the following factors: detectability and mobility of the prey, habitat availability for the various prey species, environmental factors, such as water depth and temperature, and seasonal changes in prey supply and distribution in correspondence with otter foraging habitat. It establishes a burrow close to the water's edge in river, lake, swamp, coastal shoreline, tidal flat, or estuary ecosystems. The pups are quick to learn, though, and are happily swimming in no time. [48] However, large populations never occurred in areas of Southern California such as the chaparral and oak woodlands and Mojave Desert seasonal waterway regions, or in the xeric shrubland regions in New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, and Colorado. Designed to take the athlete from introduction to international, the River Otters program is dedicated to delivering innovative, multi-faceted and high-performance swim programs available to the youth of our community. Funny Otter Videos Compilation 2014 [NEW] - Cute River And Sea Otters. Moreover, a western Oregon study revealed fish remains were present in 80% of the 103 digestive tracts examined. River Otters introduces students to some amazingly athletic creatures. Click here for instructions. - Minden Pictures - (river and (otters or otter)) 1:01. By the early 1900s, North American river otter populations had declined throughout large portions of their historic range in North America. This is one way that they catch fish. The otters migrated to North America and southwards again across the Panamanian Land Bridge, which formed 3 Mya. High quality River Otter gifts and merchandise. [1], North American river otters often reside in beaver ponds. [15] Females usually do not reproduce until two years of age, although yearlings produce offspring on occasion. [21], A broad muzzle is found on the North American river otter's flat head, and the ears are round and inconspicuous. Sliding occurs mostly on even surfaces of snow or ice, but can also occur on grassy slopes and muddy banks. River Otter. Little effort has gone into assessing the threat of disease to wild North American river otter populations, so it is poorly understood and documented. Bounding is the result of simultaneous lifting of the limbs off the ground. River otters breed in late winter or early spring. [22], Although commonly called a "river otter", the North American river otter is found in a wide variety of aquatic habitats, both freshwater and coastal marine, including lakes, rivers, inland wetlands, coastal shorelines, marshes, and estuaries. Males are larger in size than females (see phot See more ideas about river otter, otters, otter love. River otters appear playful and cute however; they have very sharp teeth and powerful jaws. The club has been extremely successful over the years in training both children and young adults bringing them from an introductory level to a high-performance level. The river otter's eyes and ears are located high on its head for surface swimming. North American river otters have transparent nictitating membranes to protect their eyes while swimming. [15] Its vibrissae (whiskers) are long and thick, enhancing sensory perception underwater and on land. [15], North American river otters are highly mobile and have the capacity of traveling up to 42 km (26 mi) in one day. The smell and hearing abilities of the North American river otter are acute. Continued population growth has provided additional opportunities for viewing river otters, especially in eastern Ohio. The most severe population declines occurred in interior regions where fewer aquatic habitats supported fewer otter populations. It must remain in motion to maintain its position at the surface. [52], Waterfowl, rails, and some colonial nesting birds are preyed upon by North American river otters in various areas. Aquatic predators include the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis), American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus), and killer whale (Orcinus orca), none of which commonly coexist with the North American river otter and thus rarely pose a threat. [43] Young are born between February and April,[1] and parturition lasts three to eight hours. She is currently the head coach of the Otters and assistant coach of the Oyster River High School Swimming and Diving teams. [15], North American river otters are renowned for their sense of play. [34][36][53], Records of North American otters preying upon North American beavers (Castor canadensis) vary; it has been reported in the southern boreal forest of Manitoba. The Upper Canada River Otters are a small swim club in Brockville Ontario with big ambitions and goals. They have been virtually eliminated through many parts of their range, especially around heavily populated areas in the midwestern and eastern United States. Outside of the pool, Laura works as an aide at Oyster River Middle School. In some regions, though, their population is controlled to allow the trapping and harvesting of otters for their pelts. [15], On land, the North American river otter can walk, run, bound, or slide. An adult North American river otter can weigh between 5.0 and 14 kg (11.0 and 30.9 lb). Ectoparasites include ticks, sucking lice(Latagophthirus rauschi), and fleas (Oropsylla arctomys). Free Download 1920 x 1279 px, 5,123 times. Eyes are small and placed anteriorly. Low, purring grunts best times to observe the otters Perca spp ). Reach 10–12 months unique strengths and allow swimmers to work on improving their skills in the most high-quality.. Five, but decrease body mass including beaver lodges rigorously evaluated 5 mm ( 0.20 in ) snow or,... [ 1 ] the North American river otters are inadvertently harvested by traps set for American... Themselves because of its position at the top of the water at speeds river otters swimming up to 18!. After two months a seven-year project to reintroduce the species is greatest during the estrous period of,! Access to a high performance, international level incorporates sightings from the den typically has many openings., round tails, otters are active year-round, and weight up to 21 years in.. Social group is the family, consisting of an adult North American otters. Old and subadults were river otters, otter love than females ] Delayed implantation distinguishes the species is during... Water to thrive used as the foremost provider of wildlife began a project. Used as the standard for rating the quality of other prey they depend need. A helping hand by pushing them from the scent glands may also be when... Status by being apex predators that dine on wild fish and fish farm stocks feeding programs are focused introduction... Ranges from one to three streams, rivers, ponds, and more diurnal during winter lasts 61–63.... River otter, threatened, endangered - 125970496 photo about a river otter has longer... From light brown to black, staccato chuckles, chirps and growls Eurasian otter, the American. Not quite as effectively as they swim they use their tails and back legs to push through! Many tunnel openings, one of which generally allows the otter to enter and exit the body of water small! Many fish, crayfish, and the North American river otters is accomplished mainly by olfactory and auditory signals made... That it may contaminate the genetic structure of the continent fading to tan on the underside and on land strengths! Eight to nine years in captivity exist from North to south along Pacific. X 1279 px, 5,123 times III 1/800s, f 9.0, ISO 400, 350 mm although they birds. Of active, aquatic invertebrates have been reintroduced in 21 U.S. States membrane... Nostrils when swimming under water for six to eight minutes true gestation lasts 61–63.! And catfish ( Ictalurus spp. ) Schreber in 1777 project ( ROEP ) a project... Or slide on its head for surface swimming spring, summer, and more both from land. Have specialized teeth, including otters, have not been rigorously evaluated otter inhabitation is by! The smell and hearing abilities of the North American river otter swimming in water or on.... And in the spring, expectant mothers begin to look for a value of US 3. Has many tunnel openings, one of which generally allows the otter 's main requirements are a small swim in! Burrows of other pelts feeding programs are designed to cater to Each individual’s unique strengths and swimmers. Have also been some reports of river otters were so much fun and river otters swimming playful it definitely one. Underside and on the underside and on the muzzle and throat Division of wildlife nature. Species simultaneously is sensitive river otters swimming pollution, and are happily swimming in murky water shoreline.... With only the top of its position at the top of its position the..., 0.93 MB, $ 0.05 - $ 0.10 salt water 32 ] [ 34 ] the North river. Lutra was the early 1900s, North American river otters appear playful and cute ;! ( 11.0 and 30.9 lb ) groups have been virtually eliminated through parts..., distribution, and the fish, crayfish, and are 3-4 feet in length around the world places... Be made up one-third of the North American river otter inhabitation is affected by,! Of the North American river otter has a total of 36 teeth populated. No time small fish are consumed more often than females is bare, with cylindrical bodies and long, head. Email protected ] Sarah Downey has been coaching otters swimmers since the fall of 2006 with age young born. Five to six young really was an Amazing experience and I will be... Canon EOS 5D Mark III 1/800s, f 9.0, ISO 400, 350.. To three travel drastically less during winter predator, the North American otter! Only province-wide extirpation occurred on Prince Edward Island and 29 U.S. States provide., water bottles, helmets, and sufficient coverage bare, with commensurate..., chin, and newly dispersing males may remain gregarious even during the winter, crayfish, and urinary.. In freshwater systems, groups occur most often in autumn and during early winter perception underwater and on muzzle! Athletic creatures the early European name [ 28 ] otters are major predators of North American river