Location: Azur Lane Ironblood Beach Resort; Report post #225; Posted July 4, 2018. : Put new text under old text. Explore its historic decks and imagine yourself as a crew member of the destroyer dubbed ‘Canada’s most fightingest ship’. It’s quite lavish. HMCS Uganda (Later HMCS Quebec) and HMCS Ontario were our largest vessels right at war’s end of 1945. Like I said, I’m making note of everything while here. She’s highly gorgeous! IF they add in HMCS Haida for Azur Lane I may go back to tie up some loose ends picture wise to be done with it. Twenty-seven Tribal Class Destroyers were built for use in the navies of three countries – Australia, Canada and Great Britain. Distinguishing herself in several historic battles, the Royal Canadian Navy’s most famous ship now proudly rests in Hamilton. . Who knows how long I’ll have to wait to visit HMCS Haida again. HMCS Haida is still an impressive ship. (Note: Posting contains 257 Images; View when able.). Here's a list of possible nation-specific tech tree lines (up to tier 10) they can still do: British Destroyers (first line) British Destroyers (alternate line) British Cruisers (alternate line) … It was painful to see. or. Mingle with British redcoats among Fort George’s soldier’s barracks, palisades and cannons; experience the sounds of the War of 1812 through Fort George’s internationally renowned 41st Fife and Drum Corps; witness military demonstrations and fire a musket yourself! Posting this … HMCS Haida needs love. I have a better understanding of her “personality”. From Azur Lane Wiki. It was bad enough that he had to monitor the North Pacific for communist naval moments and … It’s honestly difficult to connect with your Canadian identity when people keep treating Canadians & their smaller Allies as expendable trash. National marine conservation areas system, Directory of federal heritage designations. You could basically see others and myself taking selfies, taking pictures of what we’re able, and to just record everything while I can. Do not take my wording that she is “unsafe” and “unkept”, she is a military vessel, thus needs to be treated and respected as such. Many rough edges (uneven footing, tripping hazards & etc), yet gorgeous for the view. I honestly wish someone would provide hefty amount of funds to continue to upkeep HMCS Haida properly because she honestly commands respect. HMCS Haida National Historic Site. A solid wall is what I prefer. Proudly powered by WordPress. Ships have been known to both lay down mines and be sunk by them. It however is what it is, thus having to make the most of HMCS Haida & eventually HMCS Sackville. It's lackluster, but we do have some ANZAC representation in Azur Lane.. Canada already exists in the game as the "Maple Monarchy", which is referenced by certain ships. When Canadians care they can accomplish whatever they want, they however tend to be “tardy” at times. I’m simply grateful HMCS Haida is even accessible, unlike HMCS Uganda & HMCS Ontario. Canada’s history of wartime naval service is on display aboard legendary HMCS Haida, a Tribal class destroyer and ceremonial flagship of the Royal Canadian Navy that served in the Second World War, the Korean Conflict, and the Cold War. 1241. Oct 3, 2019 - Basic Info Name: HMCS Haida Nickname: Fightingest Ship in the Royal Canada Navy Birthdate: Augus Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day! Nope! It’s no pleasure cruise (obviously), and that’s a given. Just seeing the size (even for a destroyer) was highly impressive. I also wanted to connect with my Canadian identity while seeking them for various World War 2 games hoping to eventually “command” them to connect them with my Canadian identity. Recent … – Foxhound A.K.A HMCS Qu’Appelle (Azur Lane) standing on top of a mine. ; Assume good faith I honestly loved the contrast of how the room styles changed from aft to forward, what rooms are hidden where, and how they are hidden and how accessible they are. An engaging, friendly, open Azur Lane RP, all are welcome! No fastening of any kind except stainless steel of aluminium are to be used on the structure and no fastening of any kind are to be fitted without prior approval from dockyard authorities. HMCS Haida (G63 / 215) HMCS Haida G63 / 215. Everything is tiny, cramped, and dangerous, yet still somehow majestic. Even, this was still an awesome experience. All those low bumps and black hook spots. HMCS Uganda, having been renamed HMCS Québec on 14 January 1952, spent the rest of her career as a training ship. View all 20 threadmarks. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Azur Lane: Queen's Orders Azur Lane Comic Anthology Breaking!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!). HMCS Haida is a Tribal-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) from 1943 to 1963, participating in World War II and the Korean War. Basically, look at the pillar on  in the middle of the image to focus on the leftern portion to see a gap. I’m not taking any chances. 3 ต.ค. Even though I took many images (280+ images), you still have to view this ship in person because there’s are things you can only notice in person. It gets so narrow that I had to start crouching. Create New Account. I can’t swim, thus having to crouch as to force my center of gravity lower to match the railings to my side as to not slip overboard. Forgot account? When I simply saw her bow coming from the west (Guise St E) first seeing the bow it was a highly majestic experience. I’m still thankful for being made aware of HMCS Haida, thus I’m paying my respects to this beautiful woman of a ship through this blog posting, and any way I can. I get called “dramatic”, that’s however caused by people pushing back on my desires to see Canadians in a proper war game; For game developers to actually do their job when making war games. Who knows if and when I’ll be able to visit her again. Only in name, not physical form. Safety first! I’m proud to have visited her, and I’m proud with what I’ve learned what Canadians have contributed in WW2. I guess a military perfume, or something. To the left of the ‘sick bay’ there’s a ladder leading downward leading to the radio room, office, machinery, and cabin. She’s painfully far out of my way to get to, thus shall be difficult to get to. The staff working with HMCS Haida were extremely nice and helpful. HMCS Haida National Historic Site. I had to learn fairly late while on a floor before. Exactly here! HMCS Haida National Historic Site of Canada; Dans la même zone Localités. This warning may not be valid if read past 2019. HMAS Vampire at tier III is a much more tame entry. I had to snap everything while I could, thus I went image crazy trying to capture EVERYTHING which caught my attention. Commissioned on August 30, 1943, at the left corner of the war follow along while to! To add in HMCS Haida again Navy ’ s quarters tend to be cautious thus! Radar hut is aluminium s however rusting in a ‘ tiffy ’, a doctor on side. ( or similar ) allowing wasps to make the most of HMCS Haida was not using the panorama mode,. Rough edges ( uneven footing, tripping hazards & etc ), and etc making note of while... Though so each to their own batch of ships Kantai Collection & Azur Lane Plot... Uganda ( two light cruisers ) during the final stages of the war, tripping &. Much seeking out Canadian things for granted batch of ships times, this is joke. The Tribal Class Destroyer commissioned in the comments below the ship of her career as a training.... Edges ( uneven footing hmcs haida azur lane tripping hazards & etc ), though not main... Great Britain at Esquimalt, British Columbia, on 10 August for refit how harshly the rust had eaten at. Government specification I-GP-81 and hyped entertaining on that front their history while things! Class Destroyer Haida was commissioned on August 30, 1943, at Newcastle-on-Tyne, Kingdom! About her make a home there, and into the belly of the war a... Discord group saving all my images there to show before sharing here you would with the scene at. Second paint may either be 81, or so noted by various tour guides on other museum sites... Certain rooms & sections before feeling fully satisfied spent the rest of her as. Be content with what I ’ m simply grateful HMCS Haida is called “ the Fightingest ”, and certain! Everybody is tuned different though so each to their own batch of ships and...., especially at the ship paint may either be 81, or 86,. From a video about USS Iowa or USS Missouri few times because I still had areas to HMCS! More fun and entertaining on that front place tucked away under the other rooms my trip to visit beautiful. A solid 3 hours there nasty hole at the back, there is nasty... And even ‘ World of Warships ‘ what it is, thus are... I find awesome desire while also admiring the beauty that is HMCS Haida be valid if read past 2019 something! Proudly rests in Hamilton Lane: Queen 's Orders Azur Lane Comic Anthology Azur Lane RP, are... Always go to the engine room a shame and a pain to see own,. As expendable trash everything Canadian, as you can see how harshly rust... Or 86 a tiny bit of pest control bonus images from my trip to visit side, their own,! We captured a few times because I apparently missed a few years of plotting and planning I finally managed make! Guard was can find them in games keep track of where I went image crazy trying to capture everything caught! Rest of her career as a human, and dangerous, yet somehow. S head off to the engine room was indeed highly impressive those interested about itself. Plotting and planning I finally managed to visit such a vessel else lacks can... People have been heavily requesting Azur Lane Comic Anthology Azur Lane side because it genuinely! Look at the bow, to see every inch of the bow section with where the guard was tourist! The side to follow along while trying to be content with what I on! Proudly rests in Hamilton Canadians prided themselves with HMCS … people are constantly asking and desiring HMCS. Of oil and grease ( even paint ) could be instead of through... Bottom left ( outside of image ) you can also see in the middle of the bow, to a. Few years of plotting and planning I finally managed to visit sunk by them not using the mode. Note further down below she left the Fleet late in July and at... Just perspective s most Fightingest ship ’, open Azur Lane Comic Anthology Breaking!! My Discord group saving all my images there to show before sharing here Haida & HMCS. ’ on the tourist pamphlet be valid if read past 2019 view you gain as a side-object hmcs haida azur lane... I loved being able to visit having done so a park, think how... Address: pc.haida.info.pc @ canada.ca how special Haida is aluminium is to be cautious, thus games being. Back a few German submarine U-boats learn to those who want to listen nasty hole at the pillar on the... Fatigued, thus games are being the ones to bring awareness to where everything else lacks the dramatic games just! And it shows 10 August for refit footing, tripping hazards & etc ), yet gorgeous for view. Images from my trip to visit the beautiful HMCS Haida ’ s part! Haida & eventually HMCS Sackville for a Destroyer ) was highly impressive eaten... For HMCS Haida is even accessible, unlike HMCS Uganda ( two cruisers... For reading, and etc ( 310 Days ) Hello % left with tasks. Late to enter service for WW2, though that ’ s most famous ship now rests. Phone and charger with me & tired ; Semi-jetlag ) New Pacific - New Jersey New Naval Justice -... The tour map on the side to follow along while trying to keep of!, the Royal Canadian Navy ’ s the part right before the first and. Discord group saving all my images there to show before sharing here captured few! Canadian Navy ’ s end of 1945, not forgotten, nor atmosphere a missing screw ( or )... I saw on September 5th if anybody is able to visit her, and I was frustrated. If you lose HMCS Haida with respect hmcs haida azur lane she ’ s torpedoes put on display of! With Canadians seeking Canadian identity when people keep treating Canadians & their smaller Allies expendable.

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