of Nordic desks plus 2 coats of bona HD? Bona Natural Seal and Bona Traffic. Sort by. If you feel it isn't enough, you can always plan a buff and coat at a later date. In brief, we had the third floor (older floors) sanded and tinted with Bona Nordic Seal to even out the look of the “mismatched” rooms and because i love the look on old wood, and that turned out great. 1 bid. Nordic Seal is used on maple. It is designed to be the foundation or first coat of a three-coat water-based system, so don’t just use it for all your layers, thinking you are being clever and saving money. NordicSeal, as you have have guessed from the name, is the whitest of all the sealers. The spread rate for Nordic Seal is 400- 500 sq ft per gallon. Bona products have been used for over 90 years, giving our customers great results. For a natural but minimalist look (not too white), would you recommend the Nordic or Natural seal? $79.99. Help!
Bona Sport® Seal 350; ... Toll free in US and Canada: 800-872-5515. This is a floor finish so would be best to apply with the door flat as opposed to hung vertical when coating. Is this really necessary or would two coats of this be good enough? The seams of the flooring can have dark pretty deep. Are you renting the right machine for your job? Required fields are marked *, [gravityform id="4" title="false" description="false" ajax="true"],
I would be sure to neutralize the treatment before sealing with anything. Bona makes six different sealers, each a slightly different under-color. They have added just enough white pigment to to obscure the background color of the wood you are coating, but not the grain. Combine with Bona Craft Oil Frost or choose a contrasting colour for an exciting 2-dimensional effect. . The Bona Natural Seal with Bona Traffic Naturale will be the best for an “unfinished oak” appearance. Applied Bona Classicseal first per the instructions on the back since I was applying the finish to raw wood, then did three coats of the Bona Traffic Naturale. $195.00. Am installing some interior barn doors and would like that type of finish. I would like to get a white washed look. A unique way of customizing your floor from a light whitewash to successive coats, providing a truly Scandinavian look. Hi, Bona NordicSeal® provides a whitewashed look to any wood and reduces sidebonding and tannin bleed. And Amberseal is the easiest to screen of the entire Bona sealer selection. It adds the freedom of combining different colorations and durabilities. Bona US 2550 South Parker Rd., Suite 600 Aurora, CO 80014 USA Toll free in US and Canada: 800-872-5515; On 2018-04-23 by Mike - bleached a red oak floor then applied bona Nordic seal and 3 coats of water based novia Nordic Seal has pigment in it so you need to be consistent when applying it. You’ll want to put down two coats of Bona NordicSeal. '> But the topcoats can adhere easily and well to this sealer. There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from Canada Top reviews from other countries N.T. Redeem Your CFS Rewards Points Before the Year Ends! You should be fine applying the Bona Nordic Seal to a WO Rift Kitchen Island. Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). Parts A and B are sold together and separately, so if you’re sold on Bona, make sure you get both.. You can use it to achieve the whitewashed look, which is popular right now. Call the store at 651-698-5888 if you are trying to order in winter and have a tight time deadline. (See picture below and check out more details in the above article). ... You might try using pine tar to seal the wood base. That Nordic Seal tho.. ️ 2 1/4” #whiteoak floors installed in East Marion just before the shutdown ️ Sanded & finished with Bona Nordic Seal & 3 coats #bonatraffichd ️Project finished yesterday ️ ️⛄️ ️ ️ #hardwoodpros #hireapro #nwfacertifiedpros #hardwoodfloors #woodfloors … The colour can be changed or further intensified by adding 5% of Bona Mix … https://www.cityfloorsupply.com/Customer/ciflsu/specpages/Bona-NordicSeal-Data-Sheet.pdf. Bona Craft Oil 2K - Neutral Frost Blend. Solvent base: water VOCs are 250g per liter (2.1lb per gallon) $75 per gallon Buy now. You just want to get it smooth and ready for a top coat and then apply your water-based finish as normal.
NordicSeal helps to reduce any reactions with tannins. You’ll be happy to know that Bona Traffic smells way less than oil based polyurethane and has very low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and it dries much faster, so you can walk on the floors much sooner. Brazilian Floors, LLC. Let the floor cure for 3 days, moved back in but did not put down rugs for 2 weeks, to ensure the floor was solid. The popularity of light, Nordic floors doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and you don't need to use bleach to get the look. Bona (@bonafloorcare) added a photo to their Instagram account: “The perfect blend of vintage and modern, complete with unstained white oak floors featuring Bona’s…” With building sealants you should be fine with 2 coats of Bona HD. The panel on the left is red oak, the panel on the right is white oak. Are there any special tips or instructions if I want to use this on a rift sawn white oak kitchen island? Coverage is 350-400 sqft per gallon. Bona Nordic will work just fine on Pine. Each time I did a coat I did a light sand between with a pole sander and 220 grit screens and cleaned up real good. Bona Finishes perform even better with Bona Sealers underneath. It is runnier than Bona’s topcoats (Mega or Traffic) so that it soaks into the wood and grabs hold. NordicSeal makes white wood like birch or maple even whiter, but without obscuring grain figure as a stain would. Would like to know how the Nordic Seal works on Pine. Bona NordicSeal is a new waterborne sealer with a white tint to give your hardwood floors a light whitewashed look while avoiding caustic materials such as bleach. 5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect matte finish. Going from dark to white your contractor is not wrong. I refinished my 40 year old oak floors last month - Duraseal stain, Bona Traffic HD Satin - 2 coats + sealer. Bona DriFast Sealer
Because we ship this product from Minnesota, there will be some days when simply can't ship this product until weather conditions improve. Find the nearest retailer to get the best floor care products around! Best to call Bona Kemi for that advice. Get $10 off your next purchase. We would recommend following the specifications written here: https://www.cityfloorsupply.com/Customer/ciflsu/specpages/Bona-NordicSeal-Data-Sheet.pdf. NordicSeal is a newly released water-based sealer from Bona. Bona Nordic Seal - Floor Sealer Ottawa 14/11/2020. is_redirect && ! Uneven coverage can cause blotchiness or color variance. 2 Coats of Bona Traffic Naturale are recommended at 400-500 sq ft / gallon spread rate to provide the dry film thickness need for great protection. However, if someone else can benefit from my experience, I need to point out this one fact--Beware of Oxalic Acid and Bona HD. Bona Craft Oil 2K - Frost. The Bona Sealer and Finish System: A system with endless possibilities. For the second coat, follow the same process as the first. Recently, RealSimple.com named the Bona Premium Spray Mop as the best cleaner for hardwood floors. Compare. High-Gloss Stone, Tile and Laminate Floor Polish Model# WT760051161 $ 18 97 $ 18 97. This is not designed to be the tough outer layer – it is designed to be the best bonding layer. Bona Nordic Tone is a pre-treatment to Bona Craft Oil for creating the unique character of a Scandinavian white washed floor. We would get 3 gallons per coat. Thanks. Visit our E-commerce store for Flooring, Supplies and Equipment. Hi Bona 32 oz. Bona Traffic is a high grade polyurethane that is just as durable as oil based polyurethane (see Best brands of polyurethane). How much should I plan to get for 1,000sf? Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2020 ... We used Nordic Seal in white and then this over our 25 year old oak flooring. Bona Natural Seal with Bona Naturale as top coat would be exactly what we would recommend. Can red oak be bleached, to remove the red undertones, before nordicseal is applied? Refinisher has 20+ years experience with Bona and clearly knew his stuff and cares. Shop cleaning supplies and a variety of cleaning supplies products online at Lowes.com. Free delivery. AAFA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and reducing the burden of disease for people with asthma and allergies.
Home owner ... wants very dark or very light —— big wide open space on the lake See More NordicSeal may have the word “seal” in its name, but it is designed to be a base or primer coat only! If you are coating red oak, it reduces the pink tones. I don't want to hurt the product ratings by giving them anything less. Bona Traffic HD gets 5 stars, because it really is that good. Bona Natural Seal and Bona Traffic. Is it ok to apply a third coat? So then I thought about mixing duraseal natural with duraseal country white but can’t find those either. On the parlor floor we did white oak in a herringbone pattern which looks awesome (contractor’s guys did a … Sealers do not come in different sheen levels; choose your sheen level with your topcoats. When you’re looking for a light and subtle white washed look, you can use a tinted sealer. Do I have to do something different for cabinet/furniture? I was thinking 2 coats (or 3?) Kijiji Alerts. What procedure/#of coats/sealer do you recommend? GS points out that Nordic and Natural Seal are both 'building' sealants. Two coats of Nordic seal are used most times to give the best uniformity. Find Bona cleaning supplies at Lowe's today. What to expect when we’re working in your home, 186 Fairview Avenue North, St. Paul MN 55104. It only takes about two to three hours to dry. Notify me when new ads are posted. I would not have an answer currently. If you’re looking to create a whitewashed look in your hardwood floors, look no further than Bona NordicSeal to help you start the project off right. ft. of 5" white oak, and it's pretty darn stunning! I’m looking to remove the red. Planning to use the Bona Naturale on top. Bona has planted over 3,000 trees over the last decade as a part of their “Plant a Tree” program. Then, quickly buff down the coats to remove any grain raise––make sure not to remove too much of the pigmentation from the sealer. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart.