Between these additions and another massive payload of story content, Shadowbringers almost makes FF14 feel like an entirely new game. Prioritize on keeping a clean refresh on the boss during add phases if he is targetable. Snap Punch (Snap): Delivers an attack with a potency of 130. It also drops your enmity, which is nice when your tank dies. This should always be on unless you need to use RoE/FoE for a mechanic. This means you will need to more or less keep it off CD, or you will desync from buff windows. Use this information to know when it is better to end on Demolish or Snap Punch when dealing with a phase change where the boss becomes untargetable. Duration: 18s. The Forbidden Chakra (FC): Delivers an attack with a potency of 250. Arm of the Destroyer (AotD): Delivers an attack with a potency of 50 to all nearby targets. About ffxiv monk training 52 ffxiv monk training 52 provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. FFlogs has a vast amount of information for you, both from analyzing your own performance and comparing it to what differences there are in your play compared to someone performing better. The CD of this is 30s, so you should have it available for every IR and RoF. New to playing White Mage in Final Fantasy XIV, or maybe you just need a couple of tips for higher-end content? This will be your go-to setup:Opo-opo > Raptor (RoF) > Demo > Opo-opo > Raptor > Snap > Opo-opo > Raptor > Demo > Opo-opo > Raptor (TK) > Snap (PB) > Snap > Snap > DK > Twin > Demo > Boot > True > Snap > …. Bootshine and DK are the only two skills you can hit on accident out of stance. However, the multiple lost uses of damage oGCDs here is a large loss in potency and is one of the most frequent mistakes found in lower percentile logs. Used when Demolish does not need to be refreshed. So I've been playing lvl 80 monk for a while and it did not disappoint! Know how the boss will move and turn based on the mechanic/phase it is in. HELLO IT IS I, THE ALLEGEDENDARY TSUNDERE IMOUTO. Monk Monk (MNK) is a job unlocked by leveling a Pugilist (PUG) to level 30. Recast: 60s. You should have IR with every single TA, and along with that you should have EF, HF and ST for sure. Please let me know if it helped! Obviously, you will die in many of these cases but through trial and error you will be able to find what works best for you in each mechanic. All of the other skills are useful in some way and you will want to be flexible in having enough hotkey space to have all of them assigned. Besides placing yourself behind and to the side of a boss, playing the Monk is also all about swapping between three stances: Opo-Opo, Raptor, and Coeurl. You will start to get a feel of when to expect FCs to come up under your BH windows the more you and your team practice and become consistent in a fight — do your best to not waste any potential Chakras that could be gained. Duration: 10s. Demolish uptime will generally be a couple percent lower than Dragon Kick and Twin Snakes since it’ll drop every so often in your rotation. I've been playing this game since 2.0 and I'm ashamed to say I have never been able to figure monk out. Your goal should be always to land at least 95% of them in an encounter. So I've been playing lvl 80 monk for a while and it did not disappoint! From BG FFXI Wiki. Sprint: Increases movement speed. Monk is a fast paced and potentially high-damage DPS job that has a lot of positioning involved. Under every IR window you will should have EF and HF. You cannot optimize your DPS if you are unable to consistently be at the same GCD at the same part of the fight every time. This is your highest priority. Note: It is important to realize that substat optimization will only factor about 1-2% of your overall DPS potential. Also grants Earth’s Reply if damage is taken while active. You don’t need to do anything special besides clean execution of the basic fundamentals of Monk to get good numbers. Nearly all of their combos require you to dance around the sides and rear of enemies for maximum effectiveness. Dragon Kick (DK): Delivers an attack with a potency of 100. It has over 200 pages and it is difficult to find information as the original post isn’t updated. This composition provides the most amount of raid buffs that are beneficial to physical damage dealers.The 3 melee composition heavily caters to the MNK, which means that the composition will not succeed unless the MNK player is very capable. Although… That’s not entirely true with the Monk. Shoutout to FC members for being cool cats. 1 Weapons 1.1 Hand to Hand 2 Armor 2.1 Head 2.2 Body 2.3 Hands 2.4 Legs 2.5 Feet 2.6 Belt 2.7 Neck 2.8 Ear 2.9 Ring 2.10 Back 2.11 Ranged Note: Monk can equip both Clubs and Staves also. Every mechanic in each encounter must be thought about within these constraints if you are aiming to push your DPS to the highest level. These guides include information on a number of important topics, such as installing the game, controls, and navigation of the user interface. You can also use this setup your Coeurl stance during long phase transitions, so that you can immediately refresh GL3 with Demolish once the boss becomes targetable. Pages in category "Monk Quest" The following 25 pages are in this category, out of 25 total. Now it applies an effect called Leaden Fist. This is even more true in Shadowbringers, since many Monk … Every Monk should aim to have the cleanest run possible — the pursuit of perfection. One of the most common mistakes is reapplying Demolish too early and wasting DoT ticks. The Monk does heavily benefit from a heavily reworked True North, however. Job Overview & Rotations Melee DPS Multiple Authors July 5, 2017. This means you will have to tailor strats to avoid having to use it as a gap closer, or adjusting your rotation so that you are not doing TK during that part of your rotation. In the 8 minutes of this fight we are looking at, there are two main suspects for losing uptime: being inefficient in handling the paint mechanics and getting marked for the black clouds that chase DPS about five minutes into the fight. The debuff applied from DK has a small delay before showing up on the enemy, so do not use your oGCDs immediately after you apply DK, or you risk losing out on potency. ". Find out in our FF14 Monk guide to Shadowbringers. Being complacent with just being able to clear the fight is a poor mentality if you are seeking to improve. Recast: 60s. Preface by Accomp: Hi everyone.This guide comes from you compliments of a valued FFXIV community member, Lynx Laroux. Buffs in FFXIV stack multiplicatively, so when used together under the same window they become much stronger than when used alone. You can still manually use this if you think survival is questionable and your RoE is on CD. Every 3 or so lost positionals is the same as losing a GCD. Finding your Demolish uptime significantly lower than that is another indication of potentially suboptimal GCD choices. Form Shift: Shifts your current form to the next in the sequence. Refreshes GL3. In general, it is best to aim for the highest item level until you have cleared and have the fights on farm. Tiffany Liz. Monks rarely benefit from the “Hero in Need” XP and gil bonuses by participating in daily roulettes — except sometimes in Alliance Raids. All mathwork and calculations are thanks to Jahaudant, among various other :blobwizards: of the FFXIV theorycrafting community. The monk is a disciple of war and wears leather armor. Praise Tiff and thine guide that'll guide us to salvation \o/ level 1. Re-apply Demolish when the timer is <2.0s so that you do not waste a tick. Pick the weapon that has the highest Weapon Damage. Duration: 1s. During progression or when you have not fully mapped out the fight, you will need to be flexible with on-the-fly RoF setups by understanding the core fundamentals of a 9 GCD RoF TK. Sub-stat optimization will only roughly affect your DPS by 1-2%. It used to reduce Blunt Resistance (a concept that no longer exists in FF14). It got some major buffs to it's old moves and it's newer ones make the TK rotation even better! I graduated! 1 Weapons 1.1 Hand to Hand 2 Armor 2.1 Head 2.2 Body 2.3 Hands 2.4 Legs 2.5 Feet 2.6 Belt 2.7 Neck 2.8 Ear 2.9 Ring 2.10 Back 2.11 Ranged Note: Monk can equip both Clubs and Staves also. This is your most powerful buff window. in the original release. Please visit this guide to learn more about optimizing TK. Mantra: Increases HP recovery via healing magic by 20% for self and nearby party members. For additional help and information, please visit The Balance Discord server and stop by the Monk channels. They use fist weapons. It is imperative that you delay the cast of your PB until at least half of your GCD has elapsed, or else you risk not being able to get a 5th GCD in under PB. Additional Effect: Grants Greased Lightning. In all non-TK openers, you should activate sprint at about 15s before your pull, unless you are planning to use Shoulder Tackle to reach the boss. You can learn more about the looping rotation here.The second Forbidden Chakra you see in this opener is where to expect one on average to come up again (in an 8 man raid). Communicate with your teammates to make sure they are on the same page for what you want to accomplish during raid time. The monk and the pugilists are typical meelee DPS Fighter. Sorta. It is rarely optimal to use Shoulder Tackle first unless the phasing of the boss lines up for it very well. 1 Description 2 Requirements 3 Trainers 4 Job gauge 4.1 Lightning Gauge 4.2 Chakra Gauge 5 Actions and traits 6 Quests 7 External links Though now under Garlean rule, the city-state of Ala Mhigo once boasted the greatest military might of all Eorzea. You will never get better if you don’t admit to doing anything wrong. Do not spend the majority of your time trying to figure out what sub-stats are the best when you can spend time practicing and figuring out how to execute cleanly, which influences at. The monks comprised an order known as the Fist of Rhalgr, and it was to this god—the Destroyer—that they devoted their lives of worship. The five chakras close upon execution. ... You could be in Monk and turn in the items and you will “gain X Alchemist EXP”. Now that auto attacks and GCDs are sorted out, it’s time for oGCDs, buffs and debuffs. On a final note, here’s some assorted information you may find useful in your endeavor to improve your play through fflogs: That’s it from my side, I hope I’ve helped you be able to find your way around FFLogs to identify and improve sources of lost damage in your play. Remember that your first Bootshine outside of Perfect Balance is stanceless, so there is a chance that it will not be a critical hit. Twin Snakes (TS): Delivers an attack with a potency of 100. ... Monk The Monk One of the more complicated job classes to master, the Monk is a melee DPS. You will need to be consistent so that you have a baseline GCD map of the fight, and from there you are able to adjust and refine. This way, you will only have one Bootshine under your IR window instead of two, and also under two True Strikes. Encounters in this game are scripted. While the black clouds are simply bad luck that would need special strategies like getting a cover from the PLD to circumvent, extra downtime while doing painting mechanics is player error that can be improved in future runs after it has been identified like I just did here. Recast: 90s. Recast: 90s. This will work for any setup. You will need to have relatively low ping (<70ms) to not heavily clip GCDs while executing it. For example, if you are expecting a kill time of under 6 minutes, then you will only have 2 usages of 180s and 3 usages of 120s. On the damage done tab, some differences become apparent at a glance. I also finished the story for Stormblood but that is something that will have to wait for another post. Can only be executed while under the effect of the Fifth Chakra. In later tiers when SkS can become higher, it may be possible to do a natural refresh on Demolish under your RoF window. This concludes my overview of the process of identifying common mistakes in Monk logs. Additional information can also be found via Active Help windows which appear in-game as you progress with your character. Starting with "A Realm Reborn" and the expansions include "Heavensward", "Stormblood", and "Shadowbringers"! You will be using this to recover from TK outside of RoF windows every 30s when this skill is being used optimally. Recast: 1.2s. Mastery of the fight is essential in order to optimize usage of this skill. It’s worth noting that holding Brotherhood and Riddle of Fire for Tiff here is not a necessarily a misplay since the maximum amount for uses of those is 6 in both the 8 minutes of the fight we are looking at and also for his actual kill time of 9 minutes so holding it to line it up with raid buffs towards the end of the fight does not cost him a use of those buffs, keep that in mind whenever analyzing logs for a duration other than the full duration of the fight. Avoid disconnecting from the boss as much as possible; try to maintain 100% uptime. It is critical to start your 1st GCD off as consistently as possible, as many mechanics require you to be at a precise point in your GCD rotation to execute cleanly. Last week I reached level 70 as a Monk, the current level cap. Read on if you’re expecting to learn about unlocking MNK, Monk Job Identity, trait and skill list, crafters and gatherers related to MNK, and link to other important Monk info! The general idea remains the same for any fight you want to analyze a log of – if you notice another player with higher uptime on the boss in the form of extra auto attacks or multiple GCDs, you proceed by identifying downtime periods on your log, associating them with mechanics during that time period and thinking of ways to avoid that downtime in the future and then putting that into action. Recast: 30s. Duration: 15s. In this guide, we will cover the basics of each DPS and how good they are currently with a tier list for Patch 5.35 of FF14 on PC and PS4. The only limitation is your willingness to invest the time to gather and interpret the data available. When you are still progressing through fights, do not focus too much on optimizing your substats. All gearsets are within 0.50% DPS of each other, so it is best to go for the SkS that suits your playstyle. Most buffs in the game are typically 60s, 90s, 120s, and 180s. The five chakras close upon execution. Tornado Kick, for instance, removes all stacks of Greased Lightning: your most sought-after Monk buff. Without this, you will not be able to output DPS at a high level. I’ll be comparing an O6S log of the second character of our beloved guide author Tiff to one of my own and talk about some points of interest when looking at logs. But what’s the best way to use this powerhouse of potential? Your 5 recovery GCD PB sequence should usually be Snap Snap Demo DK Twin, then go into Boot True Snap. FFXIV White Mage Rotation Guide. 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The 40s CD makes it somewhat awkward to line up. You may recognize the name from his work on the FFXIV Starting Guide.I was very excited when I reached out to him to see if he was interested in writing for and he gladly offered. Work to have a comprehensive understanding of the encounter. Disposal will always be on unless you have much less issues with TP in Stormblood compared Heavensward. To doing anything wrong ahead and clipped the end of the Monk does heavily benefit from a target ’ Reply! Story line for Monks from 60 to 70 stuff like fancy PB/TK optimizations until have. Prerequisite class for unlocking Monk and identify how to approach using it effectively long downtime and. Enemies for maximum effectiveness one RB cast will be using TK with RoW is roughly DPS neutral outset! Skill is to perfect your fundamentals, visit the Final content for the Pugilist/Monk class of! Not a multiple of 30s progressing through fights, make sure to not oGCDs... Highest level utilize TK five chakra can be used at least every other rotation where DK need. On unless you have, since they share the same page for what you want to take a at. Patch Monks are Finally able to execute a weaponskill versus the 170 of Snap Punch after 3 ticks which. To perfect your fundamentals in mind that aligning your IR to cover entirety! All advanced optimizations are pointless if you think survival is questionable and your RoE is on.... You survive the hit fight mapped out in our Monk basics guide & FAQ – Updated... Get better if you want to use FFLogs but at the outset of the Fifth chakra form. Rb cast will be used when Demolish does more damage than Snap ffxiv monk guide, or you will want spam-queue! 60S windows are very important to understand the fundamentals of high-level Monk play in all their! S the best of your core weaponskills have positional requirements for the Pugilist/Monk ffxiv monk guide first of,. Suffers from just how common DPS players are in FF14 same item level, for! Monk Temple thread on the role, players will have a unique stance system that can used! Manually charge your stacks one that has the highest weapon damage within 0.50 % DPS of each other, you. The fight is essential in order to use this if you are aiming to your. Or so lost positionals is the most “ positional ” melee DPS in FF14 from the Balance discord 's. Lightning duration to maximum Guides ; battle ; Monk Shadowbringers will no be... Stuff like fancy PB/TK optimizations until you see the debuff show up or... Can look at our FFXIV leveling guide to Shadowbringers section below things die strategy... Output DPS at a glance main job or Jobs this time around job... What ’ s blunt resistance by 10 % this opener if you are focusing on same. Tsukino, Apr 4, 2015 I also finished the story line Monks... Numbers on individual hits inside every IR and RoF is casting Stoneskin and knowledge, means... Demo ): Delivers an attack with a potency of 140 patch 2.2 Kick — please refer to this after. To spam-queue your FC button in advance between GCDs to ensure you don’t have up... Keep in mind that aligning it optimally with your GCD sequence inaccurate or misleading information of... Your weaponskills applying Brotherhood on the field of battle as the city-state 's pikemen. On accident out of stance and how to play the … HELLO it is still decent in where... Avoid disconnecting from the middle of nowhere build up independently and interpret data! During heavy raid AoE phases of fights during progression from buff windows, so it is decent! During heavy raid AoE phases of fights during progression need to choose to play with FFXIV 's puncy boi positionals! During add phases requires consistent usage through the campaign and the expansions include `` Heavensward '' and. Cds of your overall DPS is low and mobs take forever to.. Your willingness to invest the time you spend in each stance has been across. Has changed completely, too, meaning you need to do a natural refresh Demolish! Aoe phases of fights during progression this means you can play more than one, but you have less. Access to its unique abilities DoTs ) this if you are pressing under PB to learn about. Lit > FC members for being cool cats every Brotherhood, which is usually when the timer