If you take care of the Trail,
the Trail will take care of you,
that's Trail Karma!

Get some good #trailkarma
How it Works

Trail Karma

500 Trail Karma Pendants are heading for the Trail right now. There's a way to show your love for the Trail, and a gift you can give others who love it too. These gifts will travel up and down the Trail thanking the folks who take care of the Trail during their hike with a little good Karma.

Explore Mother Earth

Get out on the outside; feel the Trail under your feet and experience the adventure that has been preserved for all. Watch the sun rise over a mountainside and sleep under the stars.

Meet People

Out on the Trail, you'll meet people who love the Trail, just like you. The Trail is what we make it, so make it good! Enjoy these people, because the best part of your adventure might be the people you meet.

Get Some Trail Karma

You might run into someone you want to thank for making the Trail a better place, or they may want to thank you for the same thing - That's what the Trail Karma Pendants are for, and they're out there...somewhere.

Post Your Story

If you get a Trail Karma Pendant, it will have a hashtag on the back (ex: #TK001), post a picture of why you were given the pendant, or how you thanked someone else with it and we'll track each pendant's journey up and down the Trail so you can always be in touch.

Track The Journey

Each pendant will travel all over the Trail going from hiker to hiker as we all Take care of the trail and make sure the adventure isn't lost. After you're back home, stay in touch by checking in here and seeing where your pendant has gone.

Stay Connected

Every hike go on, remember that you can make it better by paying it forward and giving it back. The little things add up. Tag the ways you take care of the Trail with #Trailkarma and you'll be able to see a world of people who love the Trail, and who the Trail loves right back.

Trail Karma in Action

Karma can make or break your hike

Trail Karma

The Trail is what we make it,
so make it good!